Committee members are elected every 4 years and serve on a voluntary basis with no renumeration. Any member can stand for election to the committee, but for legal reasons they must be a resident in Morocco or a Moroccan citizen.


Sarah Nait was born and raised in Marrakech. She has a management background, and is currently finalising her Phd in the University of Marrakech. She works in a family business in hospitality, and is starting her career as a university lecturer.  


John Stobbart is a British chartered accountant and long time resident in Morocco with a wide experience of advising his clients on personal and business financial and taxation affairs.

General Secretary

Maryam Hasseena Chaudhry is a qualified British teacher. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Education & Theology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.  After teaching many years in the UK, she moved to Marrakech with her family and now works in the private education sector in Morocco. 

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